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0100-LaEstacion, Ray, Becky
0105-LaEstation, family
0110-LaEstacion, Ray, Judy
0120-LaEstacion, three girls
0140-LaEstacion, little girl
0160-Sacatierra, children
0165-girl making tortillas
0170-Cuernavaca market
0175-lunch by bus on way to Tlamacazapa
0180-Becky cllimbing the hill of Tlamacazapa
0190-Granny showing Alex into her home, Tlamacazapa
0200-children of Tlamacazapa
0210-stone cutter
0220-Gerardo, Mike
0230-Group at CCIDD, Cuernavaca Center for Intercultural Dialog on Development, 1988
0240-Judy on pyramid ruins of Xochicalco, Mexico
0250-Judy in cave
0260-woman in church door, Mexico City

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