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0100-Ron, Marci, rehearsal dinner
0110-baby Bob Roschke
0120-Baepler, Droege, Neustadt
0130-Marci, Ron, cutting cake, June 5, 1970
0140-Grandma and Grandfather Lichtsinn, Howard and Esther
0160-Bill and Judy, The picture
0170-Marci, Ron, Valpo grads, Chuck Piehl
0180-Amos, Richard, Marci, Ron, Betty, Judy
0190-Judy, Bill wedding reception August 14,1971
0200-Dr. Tremper, Judy at Valpo
0210-Judy artwork, bicycles
0220-Judy artwork, four tires, Hannibal in background
0230-Judy artwork, Mt. Evans
0240-Judy artwork, quilter's square
0250-Judy artwork, figure with lamp
0260-Judy artwork, concrete sculpture
0270-Judy artwork, wall of display
0280-Judy featured in Art Gallery
0290-San Diego home tour 1972
0300-Bill and Allen at Avenida Sanchez
0310-Bill and Tina, Rosarita Beach
0320-Carl Johnson, Judy, telescope, Rosarita Beach
0330-Judy first bread baked
0340-Bill, Aunt Lois in Dallas airport
0350-Judy in Balboa Park
0360-John Genke, Bill, friend in Balboa Park
0370-John Genke, Judy, friend, Balboa Park
0380-Bill, Judy, John by Balboa Park fountain
0400-Gretchen with Raggety Andy

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