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0110-Grandfather, Grandmother, Walter, Ruth, Irmgard, Margaret, Betty, Dorothy, Bill, Cookie
0120-Marcia and Judy with tractor
0130-Zorns arrive in Denver by airplane
0140-Zorns and Thaemerts playing in driveway
0150-Richard, Cookie, Judy, Marcia, Forest St.
0160-Judy, Cookie, Marcia, Richard, Amos,
0170-Richard Boy Scout
0180-Confirmation, Grandma Thaemert, Dick Lyles, Judy, Richard, Harvery Morris
0190-Confirmation, Judy, Grandma Thaemert, Richard
0200-Richard going to LA Christmas
0210-Kenneth with stripe jacket
0220-Horton driveway
0230-Richard, Judy, to East High School
0240-Richard, Kenneth, Judy watching tv
0250-Christmas1965, Hortons, Thaemerts
0260-Advent Log
0270-Judy White Jackets, Richard band
0280-Judy feeding John Horton
0290-June, Richard, Betty, Kenneth, Judy, John, Hall, Clarence, Effie, Amos
0300-John Horton, Betty
0310-Benny, John, Kenneth, climbing fence
0320-Kenneth, Betty, John, playing Chutes and Ladders
0330-Marcia to Valpo, Betty, Judy
0340-Richard's black VW bug
0360-Sarah, Peter, Bill Hessler, Richard, Judy, Marcia
0370-Kenneth baseball birthday
0380-tetherball, John, Betty, Judy, Kenneth
0390-Judy, Marcia, Fresca
0400-Judy to Valpo, Betty
0410Lichtsinn Motors Courtesy Cab, Amos

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