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Gretchen, Sebastian, and Elliot to Madison - part II

a - airplane
aa - Elliot, Gramma, box
aaa - Elliot and Aunt Dorothy
b - Uncle Herb, Elliot, Gretchen
bb - Gramma, Sebastian climbing
bbb - Gramma, Sebastian, slide
c - bathtub lineup
cc - Grandpa, Sebastian reading
ccc - Vada brings presents
d - hats and walking sticks all around
dd - loving Gramma
ddd - Sebastian and acorn tops
e - Little Guy Elliot Big Guy Bill
ee - Gwen brings presents
eee - Uncle Bits is here
f - Sebastian, Uncle Bits, Elliot and recipes
ff - Sebastian, Gramma, recipes
fff - sleeping Elliot
g - Carl brings Easter baskets
gg - makeshift sandbox
ggg - a boy and his truck
gggh - before the Vigil
h - the newly Baptized
hh - friends of the newly Baptized
hhh - the newly Baptized
ggghe - Sebastian and Judy in robes
ggghf - Sebastian and Judy open mouths
ggghg - Sebastian and Judy sharing
gggha - cupcakes at Vigil
ggghb - Sebastian cake
ggghc - Elliot cake
ggghd - Peggy with fruit at Vigil
hhhh - Sebastian eating in pew
j - matching Easter outfits
jah - Easter morning procession
jai - Receiving
jaj - family receiving
jak - Judy and Sue
jal - Elliot and Terri
jam - Recessional
jj - Easter table
jjj - Gramma and  Elliot
k - dishes to wash
kk - more dishes to wash
kkk - all hands wash dishes
l - maternal uncle first hair cut
ll - happy Elliiot
lll - watermelon
m - shopping at Metcalfes
mm - balloon animals
mmm - band in toy store
n - dropped off at park
nn - popcorn
nnn - Elliot and Gramma
o - Sebastian and Gramma fixen to paint the bench
oo - Sebastian and Gramma painting
ooo - two sleeping guys
p - digging with the digger
pp - end of the slide

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